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    There are several reasons to use software in your company, however, it is essential to clearly understand their specific, priority and critical problems to be solved or improvements and opportunities that you want to achieve ...
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  • How much?

    Any investment in the company needs to evaluate the return of the same, in the same way if you need to do an investment on software...
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    The secret of the quality of a good system is the maturity of their software development process...
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Your Business, Your Software

There are several reasons to use different software in business, however, it is essential to clearly understand their specific, priority and critical problems, which are intended to solve, or improvements and opportunities to be achieved before starting a software development project for this purpose.

When we start a project in Cibersur as a first step, we provide a business analyst to diagnose their needs and related impacts of current no-existence of the solution. Sometimes the problem's root is unknown by the people involved in the organization and can even be independent of the existence of an application system for the purpose.

If we find that solution to the problem is the development of an application system as the Cibersur analysts raise all the requirements for software and will design the solution for validation.

We quote below some of the reasons our customers need of software as development. Anyway remember that should always and only in mind their needs and expectations for your business.

  • Always know what is happening in your business every time and generate strategic information for quick decision support;
  • Decreased work "bureaucratic" and manual providing most of the time his team for business growth;
  • Improve and computerize operational and administrative processes becoming more productive routines of the company, reducing the likelihood of errors and saving time and money;
  • Organize and record all information, features, performance, goals, employees and processes;
  • Ensure the security of information, allow for data backup, and ensure restricted access, safe and identifies the allowed each user profile for each application / module;
  • Centralize information, reduce the data redundancy and to facilitate the integration of functionality and data eliminating the "silos" departmental information;
  • Allow conducting research, implementation of formulas and complex calculations and the resulting information extraction data crossing.


Obtained validation of their needs and expectations for the software, designate a manager for your project who will be responsible for leading the entire software development process in partnership and equity with their designated responsible for the project. This way you will not need to worry about project planning, design, implementation, testing, installation, configuration and transition because our team will always keep informed your responsible for the project and will help to validate the stages of development (milestones) and keep available all the documentation of the intermediate decision meetings (steering commitees).