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    There are several reasons to use software in your company, however, it is essential to clearly understand their specific, priority and critical problems to be solved or improvements and opportunities that you want to achieve ...
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  • How much?

    Any investment in the company needs to evaluate the return of the same, in the same way if you need to do an investment on software...
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  • How to develop?

    The secret of the quality of a good system is the maturity of their software development process...
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How much to invest?

In any investment in the company needs to evaluate the return of the same, in the same way if you need to proceed to an investment in software. The software investment has proved to be extremely efficient and investments in various areas of economic activity appear every day.

As shown by the global economic indicators:

  • Investment in technology is a key factor for growth, if not survival, of the companies.
  • Currently all companies have computers with internet access.
  • The internet already is the means most used by companies to reach out to customers and suppliers for the promotion, sale and purchase of goods and services.
  • The internet has had significant investments in improving the quality and bandwidth as well as improving safety.


Several surveys show that, on average, an American company invests about 8% of its turnover in technology. In this scenario, companies that have invested in IT also created more jobs, great social impact on the development effect. The modernization generated by new technologies also increased the profitability and competitiveness of enterprises.


The valuation of the investment in software will always be relative to the value of the gains with it hopes to achieve, and sometimes these gains are difficult to estimate in particular in areas such as industrial safety, environment or even the competitiveness, being the estimate manager any relative magnitudes - how right the manager can always get a budget for the software, and estimate at least the order of magnitude relative potential gains or incidental costs, and thus validate their decision to purchase the software.

Why software in Cibersur?

    • We were able to clearly identify their needs.
    • We engage your and our team in the project, providing the best quality and eliminating inconsistencies in the transmission of information.
    • We plan with your team project, mitigating risks, identifying assumptions and restrictions and following the schedule, investment and consensus goals.
    • We do not make false promises and yes, we deliver realistic expectations.
    • Our processes are agile, iterative and incremental, delivering in short time intervals functional software modules.
    • We have a flexible team, competent and dedicated.
    • We have know-how constantly updated.
    • Our technologies, methodologies, standards and techniques are innovative and following the best market practices.

I have an idea innovative and desire to invest in this software product!

A lot of customers Cibersur developed a good idea and decided to invest in the realization of your project and are now cases of success in the market. Often the creator of this idea is someone expert in a segment not connected to the computer and looking for Cibersur to analyze the feasibility of developing your project. We believe that the partnership with this type of entrepreneur is excellent as we join their vocation in their area of expertise with the know-how and technical efficiency of our team for software development.